[Nottingham] NTL 10Mb :: Speeeeeeed

Chris Burton Chris at 7of9b.org
Fri Jun 2 02:05:25 BST 2006

> Slightly off topic, anyone having problems with NTL tonight? the usual 
> 1100k/sec download has dropped to around 30 - 100k/sec.  Weirdly enough I 
> have downloaded quite a bit tonight and im a bit worried about caps and 
> QoS.

No idea about NTL 10Mb .... but the 2Mb here has been fairly slow with high 
latency  (170ms more than normal) appearing mid NTL network or at LINX 
border. I know when I was in a Telwest area it went from 2Mb -> upgrade to 
10Mb followed by 10-20kb/s download speeds and high latency... lets just 
hope NTL hasnt gone the same way :)


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