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Ah yes. I remember such times so well.

Waiting for the phones to ring at night after unplugging a bunch of servers 

"Where's my website?!"
"It's in a van, sir"
"It's being relocated to Leeds"
"Why didn't you inform me?!"
"We did, sir..."

(repeat x 1000)

I don't want (too much) to join in the anti-HE/Pipex campaign, but boy
it was tough there! Very tough! I think everyone involved during the whole
setup of Wish, the moving of the Datacentre*s*, the collapsing of MSW,
all the power problems, .... all did remakably well!

I'm sorry if I ever was rude to you, John (but I always liked to think
I was one of the helpful, polite ones).



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> Hi Grahame
> Re Webfusion/Hosteurope/Pipex.
> I was unfortunate enough to be a customer. It started off OK but over the
> last three years there was just one problem after another.
> Support was fantastic if you got someone who cared, but some staff just
> couldn't be bothered. Sometimes I had to phone support three times before 
> I
> got to speak to someone who would listen and try to fix the problem, most
> times I was fobbed off with some feeble excuse.
> When it all eventually moved to Leeds it was time to get out.
> John
>> ...customer or staff? The flag-waving going on here is those of us who
>> are ex-staff - I worked there for 6 years and don't remember your name
>> at all, although saying that for the last two years there was so much
>> movement due to redundancies and turnover that a large number of people
>> came through who I never met :)
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