[Nottingham] Nice Things About Suse Linux

Hazel Windle hazel at hazeldle.wanadoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 27 19:42:36 BST 2006


I like Suse Linux the best because of Yast and it comes with a lot of
software. Also I've been using it since version 9.0 so I'm used to it. I
like Yast because it has that Sax2 monitor setup tool which is nice and
easy to use. Also it lets me install soundfonts (usually). It's a bit
cluttered up with options mind. The installing of RPM programs (seperate
from the install discs) has always been a bit of a problem with Yast,
sometimes it doesn't install them properly so I always use the command
line for installing rpm's. 

I already have commerical DVD's working in Suse, I downloaded libdvdcss
and the full xine libs. I think MP3's work but only in Amarok but I only
have 1 or 2 MP3's and about 2000 ogg files so it doesn't matter that
much. :-) I like Tux, I think that was one of the first things that got
me interested about Linux was Tux, oh and not liking Windows very much.
I even have a stuffed penguin on my desk named Tux that my grandma
knitted me.


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