[Nottingham] I like SuSE too

David Bottrill david at bottrill.org
Tue Jun 27 21:13:18 BST 2006

I intended to reply to Hazel's email then deleted it by mistake, anyway I 
wanted to voice my preference too.

I've been using SuSE since 6.0 and I've bought virtually every version in 
order to support the guys at SuSE. Since they have been bought by Novell, I 
feel less likely to buy new version in the future, however I did buy 10.1.

As Novell will probably make a lot of money out SuSE (maybe not, lets see how 
the new CEO performs) I feel less inclined to purchase a copy but I tested 
most of the 10.1 betas and filed some bugs, so I think I'm giving something 
back the the opensuse effort.

It's a timely reminder to those that can help to put something back into the 
Distro's they prefer, if it's only beta testing and filing bugs. I'm not a 
programmer (did a lot of assembler years ago), but even I can do a bit of bug 

YAST is good, you know it's a wonderful one-stop-shop for most admin tasks, 
but as Hazel points out YAST isn't so hot on installing downloaded RPMs so I 
always use the command line so you can see the errors, usually dependencies 
that YAST can't resolve. Yes I know apt-get SMART or any of the other package 
managers will do this, but it's really no big deal unless you try and install 

I've played with other distro's I've just got the latest Ubuntu running in 
VMWare, but I really prefer SuSE, maybe it's just because I dont like 
Gnome......boo, hiss....no flames please (and I use vi).


David Bottrill

david at bottrill.org
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