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Postill Robert robertpostill at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 29 19:33:43 BST 2006

Richard Bagshaw wrote:

> What's this big shiney glowing glass window in front of me?
Well in all seriousness I'm doing Java J2EE+applet right now.  I'd be oh sooo grateful if someone could say to Sun/MS/All distros you know that JVM thing?  Can you please please fix it for me that if I need to deploy a Java app over a large number of machines (>10k) that there is some way of centrally deploying and controlling the JVM across all platforms.  So for instance a classpath chooser, so that if two JVMs are installed the app does not rush to that old JVM 1.3.  Or perhaps an automatically generated troubleshooting report so if someone has changed the security settings you can find out what in hells name they've done without using dif! [foams at the mouth and gibbers].  Write once, support ceaselessly.  
So perhaps trying to stir a flamewar over Perl could be a step too far.  Although...Ruby does kick Perl botty [runs away chortling evily] ;)
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