[Nottingham] LUG Radio Live

Paul Mellors paul at paulmellors.net
Fri Jun 30 08:34:53 BST 2006

I'm just about to purchase my LRL ticket, unfortunately i can only make one 
day, i'm thinking about Sunday as i want to hear Ted Haeger talk about SUSE 
on the desktop, and Mark Shuttleworth [Canonical / Ubuntu Fame]

Is anyone else just going for one day?  If i get the pass out permission 
slip from the other half :) and thats a big IF :) i'll have space to talk a 
couple of bods in the car.

Answers on a postcard to..... Or ring the hotline 01 811 8055 [10 pop points 
for the name of the show the number belongs to, god i'm not that old am i?]


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