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Paul Mellors paul at paulmellors.net
Sat Mar 11 17:36:23 GMT 2006

      15 Mar 2006 - Talk - Ubuntu and Mac OS X - Joshua Lock

An overview of how *Ubuntu Dapper* compares to *Mac OS X Tiger* for a 
PowerPC user.

      5th April 2006 - On the Front Line: Convincing People the
      Inconvincible - with Jono Bacon

Jono Bacon of LugRadio <http://www.lugradio.org/> greatness will present 
his advocacy talk. From Jono’s site <http://jonobacon.org/events/>: “/In 
this presentation I will be cover a number of different areas to do with 
performing good advocacy. This will cover how you approach advocacy, how 
you push technology, advocating honesty and more./”

Navigation Inn, 6 Wilford St., Nottingham, NG2 1AA

*All are welcome.*

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