[Nottingham] Free to good home: P120 laptop running Linux

Michael Erskine perl at tecspy.com
Sun Mar 12 15:32:28 GMT 2006

This is a lovely little laptop but unfortunately I can't do it justice 
with my many other projects.

See: http://www.tecspy.com/wiki/lokarlaptop

* David Wolfson gets first refusal since he gave it to me!
* Currently running MuLinux (http://mulinux.dotsrc.org/)
* XFree86 running in 640x480 16bit colour SVGA driver
* Has no CDROM (hence floppy install of MuLinux) however...
* Has functioning PCMCIA network card (thanks to Martin Garton who gets 
first refusal on the card if he wants it back!)
* Surf the web with Netscape Navigatoe 3.0 (gasp!)
* Comes with a free tutorial on how to use it and reinstall MuLinux if 

Michael Erskine.

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