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Karl Ryan karlryan.public at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Mar 13 19:26:02 GMT 2006

He should have a CD called the Apple Hardware Test utility. All he has to do
is pop it in the drive and press C when booting and run the test.

I had a similar problem with my Mac a year ago and it turned out to be a
dead hard disk.

If he doesn't have the disc then I can lend him mine provided his Mac is a
PowerPC system and not an Intel.

Karl Ryan

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> Paul Mellors wrote:
>>      15 Mar 2006 - Talk - Ubuntu and Mac OS X - Joshua Lock
>> An overview of how *Ubuntu Dapper* compares to *Mac OS X Tiger* for a
>> PowerPC user.
> My brother is having problems with his eMac "freaking out" on him and
> often failing to complete booting up...
> Anyone got any diagnostic utilities for doing such as a disk check, fsck
> and even a memory check for that hardware?
> Thanks,
> Martin
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