[Nottingham][Talk] *TODAY* Wed 15/03/2006 - Change of plan!

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed Mar 15 18:35:55 GMT 2006

David Aldred wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 Mar 2006 13:53, Martin wrote:
>>Taking a wider and higher level view of what Josh was going to talk
>>about, we can have a discussion on what it /is/ that sways people to
>>prefer one OS over another and one desktop over another. What is it
>>about /your/ preferred OS and desktop that have you using that
>>particular system? Or indeed, what was it that drove you away from other
>>/How/ do we /use/ the things for what we do? Can it (IT!, ICT!!) all be
>>done better?
> But what sways people towards one OS or another?   A few thoughts which sway 
> me:
> - Security.   I've got personal data on this machine: I'd rather not open the 
> - Hardware compatability.   Given a machine capable of quality sound and 
> - Speed.  Important, but after the last couple of weeks 'd have to say less 
> What makes one desktop better than another?  Difficult.  I've always come back 
> to KDE, simply because it "works for me" and I quite like the look of it.   
> But on a small old laptop, I'm using Fluxbox, and getting to like it more and 
> more!  You don't realise how much overhead KDE is carrying until you run 
> something without it!

Thanks for the good timely comments. To be included in the discussion.

Note that this is a Newbie friendly session as in that all views are 
welcomed. Also useful to see/hear what there is and can be done. (OK, so 
my puns get yet worse...)

See you folks there very soon,


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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