[Nottingham] BT Broadband / Linux

Ebrahim Makda e.makda at ntlworld.com
Tue Mar 21 00:42:07 GMT 2006

Kenneth Huggins wrote:

> Cheers Andy !  Er ... what do you mean 'Untar the source' ?  Once I 
> can do that the rest of your message seems plain enough (which 
> probably means I've misunderstood it / my abilities !)
> Ken
> P.S.  Martin ... a LAN party sounds like a damn fine idea, my only 
> problem is finding the time to get to it ... but let me know and I'll 
> do my best (:o))

untarring is like unzipping on windows.
The downloaded source file , will be called something like  blahblah.tar.gz
you need to type the command :-

tar -zxvf blahblah.tar.gz

to 'unzip'  and 'untar' the source.

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