[Nottingham] Webalizer with Many Virtual Hosts

Johan Boshoff jboshoff at rpc.co.za
Mon Oct 2 15:43:02 BST 2006

Good day,

I am stuck with a problem, probably a very small problem I can't correct.  I 
have installed and configured webalizer with many virtual hosts.

Basically I have created a folder /etc/webalizer where I keep all my .conf 
files for the different virtual hosts and have a cron job scheduled with the 
following command:

    for i in /etc/webalizer/*.conf; do webalizer -c $i; done

Now, all my access_log and error_log files are stored in a folder 
/webserver/logs and obviously the .conf files as described above reads the 
different log files for the different hosts and output it in the relative 

BUT, my cron job states that it can't open my logs in /webserver/logs.  I 
have tried different permissions on the cron job, on the access_log files as 
well as the .conf files, but no luck!

Please help me if you can...

Johan Boshoff 

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