[Nottingham] Permissions on /var

Johan Boshoff jboshoff at rpc.co.za
Mon Oct 9 11:12:50 BST 2006

Hi all,

I did something really silly and want to kick myself!  I wanted to change
a folder's permissions in the /var folder, so guess what?  I did the
following and before completing my command, I pressed the return key: 
chmod -R /var

Now, I am having lots of problems bev=cause Clamav-Milter does not want to
run because of some permission error in /var/run/clamav-milter and my
Logwatch remonds me everyday that /var/spool/clientmqueue has world
writable permissions.

I suppose it is very difficult to fix a problem like this.  I need to set
the permissions to the defaults.  I can't reload Fedora because too many
users and domains are active on that server.

Aany help would be of use.


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