[Nottingham] Permissions on /var

Mariusz Kozlowski m.kozlowski at tuxland.pl
Mon Oct 9 11:22:25 BST 2006


> I did something really silly and want to kick myself!  I wanted to change
> a folder's permissions in the /var folder, so guess what?  I did the
> following and before completing my command, I pressed the return key:
> chmod -R /var

sh.t happens ;-)

> Now, I am having lots of problems bev=cause Clamav-Milter does not want to
> run because of some permission error in /var/run/clamav-milter and my
> Logwatch remonds me everyday that /var/spool/clientmqueue has world
> writable permissions.
> I suppose it is very difficult to fix a problem like this.  I need to set
> the permissions to the defaults.  I can't reload Fedora because too many
> users and domains are active on that server.

Recovery from backup would be the best but If you need help that means you 
don't have one. So ... you may try to gain access to some other box running 
fedora like yours and chown what needs to be chowned. Or if you have a spare 
box install fedora on it and then you know what to do.



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