[Nottingham] TV cards and Linux

Peter Woods peterwoods at f2s.com
Wed Sep 13 20:15:57 BST 2006

Hazel Windle wrote:
> I'm thinking about possibly getting a telly card that will have Freeview and  
> that can copy programmes to the hard drive. I would like one that works with 
> Suse Linux. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would also need some software
> to record things off the TV. I've heard of Myth TV or something, is that any 
> good? I use Suse Linux 10.1 on my PC which is in the living room. I'm 
> building a faster PC soon, that will also have Linux on. I've already 
> purchased a motherboard and processor. : 
I'm using the Tevion DVB-T 100 from Aldi. Dirt cheap @ £30.
They had loads in Long Eaton and in Ilkeston about 4 weeks ago but I 
didn't notice any in Ilkeston last week. Aldi stuff comes and goes, 
never to be seen again.

It works with SimplyMepis (live CD is all I use at the mo')
Fire up Kaffine and configure the DVB card, then tune it in.

N.B. You WILL need a STRONG signal from a WIDEBAND aeriel.
Waltham is quite good in Ilkeston but Kimberly should be better (as you 
can SEE it.)

I had to create a tuning file for Nottingham (Kimberly) transmitter, and 
install it at every loading.
I sent a copy to Mepis and KDE  and SimplyMepis now seems to include 
Purely coincidence I assume.

I've not tried anything beyond viewing live, except once when it 
recorded all by itself
(why do computers do that?)

I understand there is KnoppMyth which will install only and exclusively 
on HDA,
so that is for later (this box has SATA - Ho-hum.)


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