[Nottingham] Hardware problem

Simon Osborne flibble at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 13:18:48 BST 2007

On 09/04/07, David Aldred <david at familyaldred.org.uk> wrote:
> Ok, not strictly a Linux issue, but you guys are very knowledgeable...
> Son's PC, running WindowsXP/Ubuntu dual boot.  He mainly uses Windows (media
> editing stuff).   The hard disk was making unhappy noises: we replaced it.
> XP installed - ran briefly, then further problems and again seemed to be HD
> related.  Ran XP chkdsk, and it reported an error - helpfully that was all it
> reported!  Running Linux chkdsk from a LiveCD revealed loads of bad sectors.
> The HD went back to the shop, and a replacement was put in.
> Again installed XP, ran happily for a day and a half.  Today, won't start -
> HDD is making unhappy noises again (sounds like repreated seeks and resets on
> the controller).  Can't even get as far as checking it since the XP install
> disk can't find any HD in recovery/repair mode, and Ubuntu LiveCD can't
> inititate a tty and drops into the limited busybox environment (no chkdsk).
> Two HDs failing in four days seesm unlikely - unless they have a bad batch in
> at the shop.   Is there anything on the rest of the PC which could be causing
> HD failures like this?
> --
> David Aldred

The motherboard IDE controller could be a cause. You would be better
running the diagnostic tools created by the hard disk manufacturer to
be completely sure.


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