[Nottingham] Which programming language (RE: O'Reilly Books)

Benjamin McLaughlin benjaminbunnyrabbit at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 2 07:57:00 BST 2007

I take a more annoying logical approach to which langages I learn.
So far done VB and java because we did them at college and university. Was 
not a choice. In a few weeks however when I have got my life sorted out a 
bit I am planning to learn C# (yes it is the devils language) purely on a 
basis that at my new job I will have time to learn a language at night and 
there are more jobs available for C# in Nottingham than any other.

Along those lines though, I see little point in learning a language if I am 
not going to use it on a regular basis. I don't like the idea of learning 
for learnings sake. Two years later you forget most of it if you dont use 

Hate to say it on a forum like this one though but VB is always a good place 
to learn programming.


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