[Nottingham] backup commands

Charles Samuels charles at kde.org
Sat Aug 4 19:30:26 BST 2007

Andy Smith wrote, on Saturday 2007 August 04:
> > Can someone post a short script or just some sample commands for
> > doing this? I'd just like to see examples of the options and
> > commands others are using - sort of as a starting point for
> > deciding what I want to use.
> For a single file?  "md5sum" will do it:
> $ cp final.tar final2.tar
> $ md5sum final.tar final2.tar
> ba635b30f3848330ea0a25ef48d7fb9a  final.tar
> ba635b30f3848330ea0a25ef48d7fb9a  final2.tar

No that won't work because linux might be caching the data you wrote on the 
disk, and thus not reading it back for the md5sum. You'd have to unmount and 
mount again.

Also, you might as well use "diff" instead of md5sum :)


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