[Nottingham] AMSN problems

Tony Shaw skullduggery141 at nsworld.com
Sat Aug 4 20:27:39 BST 2007

Hello to one & all,

I have been trying to get AMSN 0.97RC1 to work on Mandriva 2006 but it 
keeps asking me to install TLS 1.5. I have downloaded TLS myself as AMSN 
does not seem able to do so, I have put the TLS files in the following 
places :

/opt/tls/lib (copied the tls 1.5 files here)
/usr/lib/tls/lib (copied the tls 1.5 files here)
/usr/local/lib/tls/lib (copied the tls 1.5 files here)

But none of the above locations seems to do the trick as AMSN still 
tells me that I need to install the TLS files. AMSN tells me that it can 
find the ssl files on my system. Can anyone out there shed some light on 
this matter for me, as I am stuck with using GAIM for my MSN contacts at 
the moment.

Thank you.

Tony Shaw

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