[Nottingham] Webmin type apps

Haber Mike Mike.Haber at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Aug 6 09:48:29 BST 2007

I've got a server that I've been happily admin-ing far a couple of years
now from the command line. Its Debain Sarge - soon to be Etch.

I need to hand over the admin of this machine to someone who is more of
a Windows and Novell bloke.

If I install something like Webmin  will it nuke the settings of the box
or will it play nicely? The webmin site says it should only affect the
config files of the bits of that I use but I'm not so sure.... 

The main jobs for webmin would be setting ftp passwords, disk quotas and
adding users, nothing too technical. It's mainly editing the disk quotas
that may give the new admin some issues.

Are there any better apps than webmin for this? 


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