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Tux Games Anti-Spam System mike at leuty.net
Sun Dec 9 17:23:37 GMT 2007

Thank you for emailing mike at leuty.net.

Due to exceptionally high volumes of Spam Mail, we have been forced to
introduce a new anti-spam policy. This requires anyone sending us email to
register their address with us as a real person. You will ONLY EVER NEED TO
DO THIS ONCE for each email address you use to send us email. As soon as you
have validated your email, you will be accepted to send email to all of our
email addresses permanently.

Please note: Until your email address is validated, your email is NOT viewed
by any human and will not be read.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but the amount of spam we
received was costing us a lot of time and money, and we hope you understand
the need.

To ensure we receive your latest email, you should simply follow the link
below and follow the instructions on the web page you are taken to.

Your email will be stored for seven days before being deleted as spam


Thanks for emailing Tux Games

                     Tux Games Postmaster Antispam Facility

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