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Tom Bird tom at marmot.org.uk
Mon Dec 10 18:20:34 GMT 2007

ForkBombFluf wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Dec 2007, Andy Smith wrote:

>> Have you ever heard the phrase "think globally, act locally"?  On
>> the Internet you *cannot* just do "what works for you", because we
>> have to interoperate.
> Maybe you should consider pushing this ideal with someone more 
> deserving, the likes of Microsoft and their Internet Explorer 7 
> development team spring to mind.

You've been reading too much slashdot, IE7 is somewhat better at 
rendering (HT|X)ML and CSS than previous iterations and while it is far 
from perfect, I have encountered firefox bugs too.  There's enough wind 
behind firefox / [others] to ensure any site worth using has been tested 
properly.  Bit of a ball ache at times but such is life.

>> There is so much material out there now, as well as common sense, as
>> to why C/R is bad, that anyone with an open mind cannot fail to be
>> convinced.
>> If however one is willing to be selfish and abusive then C/R is
>> almost ideal.
> Your opinion has been noted.  Beating a penguin over and over with a 
> stick will not change his mind to your way of thinking, only cause him 
> to be wary of people with sticks.  Please, can you either approach the 
> matter in a more academic and helpful way that doesn't involve ad 
> hominmen attacks or (better yet)) move on?

It's not just an opinion, it is a FACT, applying challenge / response to 
email is fundamentally broken!  Imagine if everyone was blinkered enough 
to deploy it, and some spamming cock used your email address as a from 
line (it has happened to me before) and you started receiving thousands 
of these idiotic mails, to which no doubt you would send your own 

It isn't just broken from the POV of the snowball effect, it is 
tremendously selfish even now where fortunately few people have the 
required mixture of technical ability and ignorance to deploy it.

could go on...


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