[Nottingham] nic module - I've [configure make install]ed myself into knots

Edward rennackered at netscape.net
Mon Dec 10 20:43:44 GMT 2007

A call for help...
I've returned to another Linux project, like most way over my head. I 
make great progress today. Enough so I have no idea how I got here and 
slightly less on how to get where I want to be. *shakes head with palm 
to forehead* it seemed so straight forward.

I have an lintel nic e1000 that the Debian provided module did not work 
on. It seems lintel makes a lot of chips that work different yet have 
similar names. So I sorted the correct and latest source code from the 
lintel sight, downloaded it, traveled to the src folder and ran smack 
into my first error. A sym link to the proper kernel source got me past 
that. Eventually I seemed to have a proper module, but maybe not.

Moving forward I now seem to be stuck trying to install some man pages 
(part of the makefile) with the error: "cannot write to [path/filename] 
in catman mode."

Sometimes it is best to step back and let someone else look, I realise 
this is a complicated matter (custom module for network card loaded into 
kernel) for a simple person (me), but I ask for some guidance anyway. 
I've got the raid running under LVM. I've got the new Intel 35 whatever 
video going. I am ready to add Samba to my Active Directory. Now I need 
this nic to work.

Hoping I am not distracting everyone from the spam discussion 
(personally I don't like C/R in most situations) and also adding to the 
Dell discussion by voting: It is Dell's responsibility! (would ms give 
an oem drivers for that video card that doesn't work with the drivers 
supplied already?)

Who knows module building so well they can't help but help?


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