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Michael Simms michael at linuxgamepublishing.com
Tue Dec 11 03:01:30 GMT 2007

On Mon, 2007-12-10 at 17:53 +0000, ForkBombFluf wrote:
> As he pointed out, it works well in a majority of cases, and he is looking 
> at why it hasn't worked in this instance, ostensibly with the aim of 
> fixing it. (Although a "sorry" instead of "I'm not going to apologize" 
> might have been received a bit better!)

Hey, I never said that! {:-P I thought my first mail had actually
contained a 'sorry' but it didnt, I WAS thinking an 'oops, bugger how
the hell did that happen' and I guess the sorry got lost on the way.

> Your opinion has been noted.  Beating a penguin over and over with a stick 
> will not change his mind to your way of thinking, only cause him to be 
> wary of people with sticks.  Please, can you either approach the matter in 
> a more academic and helpful way that doesn't involve ad hominmen attacks 
> or (better yet)) move on?

Yeah I think you raise a good point. All Im doing in trying to defend my
position against someone that isnt listening is feeding the trolls, Im
going to drop the thread into my killthingy now, I dont think I can say
anything more that isn't just going to be a waste.

> -Stef
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