[Nottingham] nic module - I've [configure make install]ed myself into knots

Edward rennackered at netscape.net
Thu Dec 13 03:43:42 GMT 2007

Peter Chang wrote:
> Edward,
> Not sure what a _lintel_ nic is but once you've compiled the kernel 
> module, as root, copy it to the appropriate sub-directory in 
> /lib/modules, run depmod -a and then modprobe (or insmod) that module. 
> You can check it's loaded with lsmod then bring up the networking 
> subsystem.
> hth
>  Peter
Yes, it did, as suspected there were traces of an old nic and a version 
of the current nic diriver that was broken but still installed. checking 
via mac address I was able to remove those. Then I applied the correct 
driver to eth1 (it seemed the easier route) and everything worked. Woo 
Hoo and thanks!
I did expect to see ethn somewhere in /dev but they are not so it is 
back to reading more of the manual but I have registered my samba server 
on our european domain joined it to ads and feel like some progress was 
made. these new Dell 755s have stumped better linux admins than I and 
the internet is once again the knowlege resource it is designed to be. 
*sigh of relief*

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