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Robert Postill robertpostill at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 17 12:38:18 GMT 2007

On 13/12/2007, at 5:46 AM, Tom Bird wrote:

> Martin wrote:
> I wish I could!  I'd make millions.  The solution won't come from  
> just one person though, this is for sure.  It needs more  
> cooperation from governments - there could well be less than 10  
> people behind 90% of the spam, looking at the patterns in what I  
> get.  Fortunately, for them to make money there has to be a trail  
> back to them, find them, lock 'em up, they are causing havoc.
The way I see it the issue is at the level of SMTP.  Sadly SMTP was  
designed *way* before open access to the internet was given.  Really  
we're all baulking from the unpleasant truth, we need a new mail  
delivery protocol that does things like:
* Stop SMTP property spoofing (my grinning-cat.com gets thousands of  
non-delivery reports a day for what are essentially random strings in  
from of grinning-cat.com)
* Apply some good solid cryptography principles to e-mail so the  
entire thing is verified
* Scale like nobodies business
An article in the register recently said sometimes we regard the  
fundamental protocols that underly the internet as somehow inviolate.  
See how hard IPV6 has worked to make very little progress.  Without  
SMTP the spammers couldn't operate, thereby nullifying the problem  
that C/R, bayesian filtering systems and the like are trying to  

BTW for the old timers among us... is this thread longer than the  
mighty "too much mail" thread? :)


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