[Nottingham] Warzone 2100 anyone??

Craig Lynch midnight.demon at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 18:00:45 GMT 2007

Hi there,
Was just wondering if anyone on this mailing list plays Warzone 2100 at
all? This was OpenSourced (one of my mates had the original and used to
play that often on LAN) not long ago and plays like a dream on my
machine.. (Pentium D 945+, 1Gig DDR2, RAM, nvidia(9746 driver) GeForce
5500 and Ubuntu Edgy)
I just noticed (after playing the first couple of levels again) that the
multiplayer option now has an Internet mode. Maybe you guys could have a
play at this at LUG meets or whenever..

Its a fantastic game so I thought I'd point it out :)


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