[Nottingham] Athlon64 gcc compile flags on Gentoo

Michael Simms michael at tuxgames.com
Wed Feb 14 00:32:55 GMT 2007

-O3 isnt always advisable, it can sometimes do optimisations that don't
quite work. If you use O3 and things go strangely wrong, drop down to O2
and see if it fixes things...

On Tue, 2007-02-13 at 21:39 +0000, Martin wrote:
> Folks,
> I'm about to try out Gentoo on a Athlon64 box (yes, that ASUS one now
> with updated BIOS)...
> Any recommendations for a good combination of compiler flags beyond the
> usual "-O3" (or "-Os" even)?
> What have others found to work well?
> Or does it all make negligible difference?
> Cheers,
> Martin

Michael Simms - CEO, Tux Games

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