[Nottingham] LAN Party! Sunday 18th Feb

Jason Cozens jason.cozens at computer.org
Wed Feb 14 00:44:43 GMT 2007

On Tue, 2007-02-13 at 16:30 +0000, Martin wrote:
> Jason, have you got any Eager UDP-ing to saturate our LAN? (Purely for
> test purposes ofcourse :-) )
I'm can't make Sunday and there isn't much code running at the moment.
It's still very early stages, I've just sat down to put in another hour
or so.

I got the sockets etc. working with C. Then started to implement the
scheduler but it was quite hard so I switch to C#. This went well
initially but I got some race conditions with Threads. I've taken a step
back and started again using TDD (Test Driven Development) with NUnit.
My intention when I have worked out the details is to go back and
implement the Eager Queues in C. This is going well but there is a lot
of detail to work out. The current state of work is at:


I've also been looking at GNU Hurd and the problems that there have been
with that. There have been some papers written recently that have been
posted on the Debian GNU Hurd mailing list. These are interesting as
they say that one of the main problems with the Hurd (Mach kernel) is
the time lost because of context switches. This is what I'm trying to

I'd be interested in giving a talk in March on the Hurd and how it
differs from the GNU/Linux kernel.


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