[Nottingham] badblocks clobbered HDD (Was: Social Tomorrow Weds 07/02/2007 - Red Hot Buffet Shack)

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Fri Feb 16 23:04:59 GMT 2007

Martin wrote:
> Other subjects I noted were:
> Clobbering the disk label and primary partition table of a usb (scsi)
> HDD with "badblocks -w /dev/sda" and thence the ensuing non-operable
> problems (use GParted to write a MSDOS disk label to fix!). I'm checking
> further with "badblocks -w /dev/sda1" but had spontaneous USB I/O errors
> with the external HDD... So?

Followup FYI:

So it appears to be either a duff USB interface or a problem with my
Mandriva 2.6.12-29mdk-i686-up-4GB kernel...

Doing the same tests on another machine with a 2.6.17 kernel has proved
everything to be perfectly good. badblocks always completed ok. Both
fdisk and cfdisk correctly reported the lack of a disk label and the
lack of a partition table and offered to create the data as required.

Cheers All,

Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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