[Nottingham] eth cable to LAN party?

Michael Erskine msemtd at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 19 08:41:20 GMT 2007

On Sunday 18 February 2007 10:23, rennackered at netscape.net wrote:
>   Hello, if anyone has a cable (new or used) 10 meters or more and can
> bring it to the Star Inn today I would gladly purchase it. Me wife wants
> the computer cabinet move to _the _other_side_ of the lounge.  :) thanx,

Hi Ed,
I didn't see this prior to the event on Sunday: I had loads of long CAT5 
cables with me that you could've taken with you! I hope that you had a nice 
time on Sunday and that your server is making good progress.

Michael Erskine.

The human animal differs from the lesser primates in his passion for
lists of "Ten Best".
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