[Nottingham] Cross platform IDE's

stellafan at jjsh.org stellafan at jjsh.org
Mon Feb 19 16:10:01 GMT 2007

We're thinking of dumping the proprietary Windows only development tools
we use for our in-house apps, and moving to a cross platform solution, so
that we're not tied into using MS on the desktop.

As far as the back-end database goes, there are a couple of obvious
choices (we’ll probably stick with mySQL, but will look at Postgre), but
that leaves us with the choice of what to use for the front end.

Obviously, this will be an important step for our company and we'll need
to do some serious research before coming to a final decision, but at this
stage I'm asking for any suggestions for suitable IDE's we should
investigate. We're already going to look at Net Beans, PHP-GTK, possibly
GTK itself. We don't need the *complete* portability of java, just the
ability to make GUI apps that can be easily complied for different systems
as needed.

Presently, we develop in Access / VBA, but as our main application has
become more sophisticated, we were going to need to move over to an IDE
proper, such as .net, but this seems like a daft idea, as it would limit
our choices desktop wise ~ however, it gives you an idea of what level of
sophistication we need.

So, other than the 3 previously mentioned, any suggestions for further
reading? (sorry if this is a bit rambly ~ been up all night recovering a
clients Exchange system!)

Many TIA

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