[Nottingham] HP Proliant DL320 - Debian etch install vs RAID controller

NLUG nlug at domainarena.net
Thu Jul 5 12:03:30 BST 2007

Hi list,

my company have bought a few (brand new from HP) Intel based 1U Proliant 
I keep having a problem with the RAID array when installing Debian 'etch':
I first build the RAID 1 array (2x250GB sata disks) (either using the 
disk utility provided by HP or by enabling it in the BIOS).

When i reboot the machine i can see my new array on the console screen.
Then i reboot again and start the Debian NetInstall but when it prompts 
me about partitioning my disks i can see that BOTH disks are there...
I would expect to see only one!

As anyone had the same issue and managed to solve it?

I found a few posts about similar issues and a few suggestions about 
patching the kernel etc...but i have never really played with kernels 
before so would like to avoid going down that line if another solution 



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