[Nottingham] BBC iPlayer petition

Andy Davidson andy at nosignal.org
Fri Jul 6 19:35:07 BST 2007

On 6 Jul 2007, at 17:10, David Aldred wrote:

> On Friday 06 Jul 2007, Andy Davidson wrote:
>> The BBC is a unique institution, owned by the British people and
>> independent of political and commercial interests.
>> Yay !  Planet Earth (I agree that its superb) is owned by me !  And
>> all thanks to the unique way that its funded
> I think you will find there is a distinction between 'the British  
> people'
> and 'any one British person' :-(

"They're shooting at me"

"No they're not, they're shooting at everybody"

"Then they're shooting at *me* !"

Joseph Heller got there first with that line of thought.

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