[Nottingham] How is Nottingham PerlWise

abhishek jain mail at webbee.biz
Tue Jul 10 16:33:38 BST 2007

This post might be offtopic, if it is tell me i wont post such again.
But replying will certainly help me.
I have been offered a place in the Nottingham uni(MBA), i am a regular
user of Bangalore.pm . I also have a good Perl exposure, i wanted to
ask is Nottingham has Perl Users. I mean part time Perl jobs.

Also if you can comment upon Nottingham Uni as regards to other unis
of UK for MBA .
Also you are living there ,how good a city is Nottingham , peaceful or what.

Thanks for reading the mail , i hope i havent offended anyone with this email,

Abhishek Jain
+91 - 9986472452

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