[Nottingham] Is the MS Tide is turning? - [Infopoint]more Interest gathering - a change

Alex Walker alex at x3ja.co.uk
Thu Jul 12 10:29:52 BST 2007

I've been on this list for years and every now-and-again someone raises the
idea that Linux (or GNU/Linux in case I offend anyone) might /finally/ be
about to conquer MS once and for all.  I think the situation is changing as
system requirements for Vista are so high and distros like Ubuntu are
getting so much easier to install for non-techies.  I'd love to say I run
Linux most of the time, but I have a few major problems with doing so...

1 - my printer/copier/scanner doesn't work under Linux - apparently it
would make a better door wedge than a Linux printer
2 - my webcam doesn't work under Linux - and I use it with Skype and the
3 - other apps like 4oD, the upcoming iPlayer
4 - my work - there's a Windows VPN, significant use of Remote Desktop (can
you connect to Windows VPN / RD using free tools?) etc.  Not a massive
difficulty, but one reason I never used Ubuntu on my work laptop.
5 - my wife - she really just wants everything to work and doesn't care
about the ethics or doing things "better".  However, I might be able to
point out how much less things crash in Linux etc and how new versions of
software / OS don't take many more minutes to load...

1 & 2 would require me doing some research into what works, and then
replacing my hardware... although I guess I might have to do that if I
switched to Vista anyway.
3 might be bypassable by virtualisation
4 depends on if there are free tools for that
5 depends on me convincing her the benefits outweigh the retraining...

I dunno, looking at this debate does make me consider trying it again on a
long term basis, but point 1 is the sticking point - I'd have to shell out
about £100 to sort just that and I just spent £60 on cartridges for the

Just my thoughts...


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