[Nottingham] re: Space available in .Org at the Linuxworld Expo 2007

Benjamin McLaughlin benjaminbunnyrabbit at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 15 23:49:40 BST 2007

Cool, didnt know it even existed.

Anybody fancy saving money on petrol and taking me with them? Could be a 
really good day but I don't fancy the idea of payiong commuter prices on a 
train. Its off in the distance I know but it sounds really cool.

Can people remention it a lot as the time comes closer as well so I dont 
forget about it.

Now onto the really crap news. The internet cafe is closed. Due to 
advertising quite a lot and handing out a lot of flyers (over 2k) then 
having only 4 customers I decided to close the doors before I got into 
unmanagable debt.

Anybody need any really comfortable office chairs, 4 legs, mesh springy back 
to it. Removable cleanable covers. £45 each to be collected from long eaton.

Keyboards, brand new basic silver ones £2 each. Optical mice, free only with 

Half metre lengths of cat5 ethernet cable 50p each (got 10)

Thin/fat client PCs, compaq ipaq 700mhz/128mb/20gb no cdrom, one unit has 
floppy drive. £20 each.

Colour laser printer with extra black cartridge cost me 200 + 68 for the 
cartridge, take 180 for it.

The server with edubuntu already installed as a thin client server. £1500 
(cost me more even though I bought it all in bits)

2.93ghz quad core 'safely' overclocked to 3.2ghz
asus silent knight cpu cooler
2x 150gb 10k RPM  raptor hard drives
4gb corsair ram
Extra network card
All high spec onboard stuff
geforce 64mb 6100gs graphics card (the only 'not the best' component)
housed in an antec p180 case

Will even throw in a 19" flat screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard 
mousemat, speakers and a digital cabin tshirt (If you want it) If ask really 
nicely I may even throw in a chair as well. Got a few more bits I might 
throw in as well.

Would cost crazy more if you bought it anywhere else, I paid a lot more than 
this and its only because the bank phones me so often that I need to get rid 
of it at such a low price.

Hanns-G 19" monitors. £90 Each with free keyboard and mouse :P they have 
both vga and dvi inputs on the back of them but only the vga cable will be 

James the hoover (henrys yellow brother) £60

Anything you want has to be collected from long eaton.

Contact me at benjaminbunnyrabbit at hotmail.com for more info, don't clog up 
the group asking lots of questions about the items. Its not fair on 
everybody else.

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