[Nottingham] Re: Meet up at my internet cafe

Benjamin McLaughlin benjaminbunnyrabbit at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 1 02:16:23 BST 2007

- Is this setup to be used for training as well as a cafe?

No, this will be purely for serving up a desktop to the 11 clients.
(At this point in time) (I have a few spare machines anyway)

I saw that on the description as well. Interesting description. The main 
thing I was thinking about was whether it was either the card not being 
found (simple enough, buy another) or is it because the OS cannot see the 
PCI bus. Is there anyway of varifying this?

I did a search for problems with it and a few people are having problems 
with the USB version but nobody seems to be having problems with the PCI 

- A slightly curious choice to my selection criteria. Is this on machines
- that have already come as a bundle?

Nooooo, I bought all the components seperately. They don't do bundles which 
include a 2.93ghz quad core, motherboard and 4gb ram. (Which works perfectly 
by the way)

>Complete security lockdown,
- Or just reinstate a default state ready for your next patron?
Excellent idea. Either is sufficient.

Working through the theming of it. A bit rusty on linux as in the past I 
have only used Suse with KDE and gnome seems like a completely different 

On a side note, now do I access a super user account in konqueror? In order 
to add a few desktop pictures and delete the ones I will never use.

Thanks for the help so far,

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