[Nottingham] Email traceroute?

Edgar Jasper ebcj204 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 28 18:42:01 BST 2007


Been a list subscriber for a while now. Haven't made
many posts and any that I have made will be using a
different email address because my normal email
addresses aren't working - hence the question.

The situation is as follows:

I own the domain edgar.org.uk which I have with
uk2.net. My uk2.net account is set up with email
forwarding to forward various email addresses (eg.
lists at edgar.org.uk) to my yahoo mail address (the one
I'm sending from now).

Over the last few days this has stopped working. 
Emails seem to be getting through when sent to the
yahoo address but when sent to the @edgar.org.uk
addresses they rarely get through and when they do get
through they sometimes take days. Furthermore, the
sender has no idea this is happening so I am losing
mail with noone being aware of it.

I reckon the problem lies with uk2.net and they don't
deny this - although their responses have been pretty
vague so I'm not sure they actually know it is them

Firstly, any ideas in general anyone?

Secondly, this set me to thinking - how are you
supposed to diagnose email problems?  How do I work
out where exactly the problem is? Is there some sort
of 'email traceroute' tool available of linux to help
me in this?



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