[Nottingham] Debian/apache2/suphp problems

Richard Morris richard at tannery.co.uk
Mon Mar 12 11:34:56 GMT 2007


Try putting the following into the VertualHost for the time being:

  AddHandler x-httpd-php .php .php3 .php4 .php5
  suPHP_AddHandler x-httpd-php

It's the wrong place for it to go to apply it globally but it should make it
start processing php pages.


Richard Morris

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> Richard,

Hello :)

> The config files should have been left in place, or at least backup
> copies made if changed by the new installs.
> Have you got the relevant "Options ExecCGI" in the configs?
> Or can you pull the whole lot back from last night's backups?

No nightly backups I'm afraid :(

Here is the VHOST block from the file domainarena.com in 

<VirtualHost *>

   ServerAdmin webmaster at domainarena.com
   ServerName  www.domainarena.com
   ServerAlias domainarena.com
   SuexecUserGroup da_user web

# Indexes + Directory Root.
   DirectoryIndex index.php index.htm index.html
   DocumentRoot /var/www/domainarena.com/htdocs/

# CGI Directory
   ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/  /var/www/domainarena.com/cgi-bin/
   <Location /cgi-bin>
        Options +ExecCGI

# Webstats Directory
    ScriptAlias /tools/webstats/ 
    Redirect /awstats 
    Alias /tools/webstatscss "/usr/share/awstats/html/"
    Alias /tools/webstatsicons "/usr/share/awstats/icon/"
    <Location /tools/webstats>
        Options +ExecCGI

# phpMyAdmin Redirect
    Redirect /phpmyadmin  "http://www.domainarena.com/tools/myphpadmin"

# Logfiles
    ErrorLog   /var/www/domainarena.com/logs/error.log
    CustomLog  /var/www/domainarena.com/logs/access.log combined


I don't believe it needs the Options +ExecCGI because that's for suexec? 
This uses suPHP with an addHandler in the 
/etc/apache2/mods-available/suphp.conf ....

I might be wrong!

The config files haven't been changed though ....

I put in Options +ExecCGI at the start of the vhost block and it still 
offers the download box.

> ps: DON'T PANIC! (In pink friendly letters ;-) )

I'm trying not to! ;)

Would it be woth me tarring up /etc/apache2/ and making it available online?


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