[Nottingham] Almost on topic, pipex for sale

Graeme Fowler graeme at graemef.net
Fri Mar 16 10:34:12 GMT 2007

On Fri, 2007-03-16 at 09:51 +0000, Rennacker Ed wrote:
> Pipex moved its main 123-reg/Webfusion works during the last 2 months 
> closing thier Beeston office 09 March, to the new tech park near 
> terminal 5 (Stockley, I think) . Fasthosts is next door as are several 
> tech firms. They still have a data center in Leeds and near Manchester. 
> Pipex DSL is still in Stoke Mandeville

I sent an offlist reply to Matthew already, but to clarify (and
apologies if it seems like I'm correcting for the sake of it):

Technical operations ceased in Nottingham in October 2004. Hosted and
colocated systems were moved to Manchester, Leeds and Harbour Exchange.
Development, sales, marketing and finance stayed in Nottingham until a
couple of weeks ago.

What's happened to the building is anybody's guess, however we were
looking before I left in Feb '06 to put the building back to its'
original state by removing generators, UPS, power distribution, fire
suppression & cooling as the landlord wanted it doing. Whether that
takes place now I won't know, unless Ovid or colleagues pipe up.

As for datacentres, Pipex have their major ones in:

Leeds (just outside the city)
Manchester (Bank Chambers, off Portland Street in the city)
Harbour Exchange Square (Docklands)

Pipex DSL is administratively based in Welwyn Garden City (unless that's
changed, but I don't believe it has); Stoke Mandeville is the ex-Nildram
office and is now the head office for the group. Engineering is pretty
much based in Oxford, along with several operational bits of the
business services unit.

Most of this is available here:

And it's Rackspace across the car park, not Fasthosts. Unless Gloucester
has moved to Heathrow this week ;-)


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