[Nottingham] Depth first or breadth first for faster backups?

Dale Einarson Dale.Einarson at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri May 4 14:16:40 BST 2007

-- I'm new to the group,  this is my first post ( hello everyone )

Phil Lakin wrote:
> I highly recommend amanda (www.amanda.org) for tape backups, also works
> quite well to disk. Ideal if you have a lot of partitions / disks /
> servers to backup. We use it to backup and restore over 10TB with no
> trouble.
   Rsync is great for many things but if you want an archive with an
history,  I second the amanda suggestion.  It can be a bit finicky at
first but once it gets going...

   I have found a spanning tapes deficit;  If the directory you wish to
back up is larger then the tape size ( or the dumper directory ) it will
fail.  You need to break your source directories in the chunks that are
smaller then the tapes ( or dumper directories ) you backup to.

  In the past I had used amanda to make nightly backups of my files to a
temp disk.  very fast and useful for a quick restore of the important
working files!

 I could provide you with my conf if this might help.

> On Wed, 2007-05-02 at 13:26 +0100, Martin wrote:
>> OK Folks,
>> A question for tonight:
>> For traversing through directories and files, what should be the faster:
>> Walking through the directories and files going depth first or breadth
>> first?
>> I would guess that just doing a simple "dd" would be quickest and
>> minimise HDD head movements... But then that's only useful if you're
>> near 100% utilisation and you're going to mount the dd copy as an image!

The height and depth and breath my search can reach? (EBB)
   gnufind is depth first, I assume that would be the fastest way.
Certainly the FS does play a part of the data storage...  However, if
the FS is stagnant the slocate should do the job as reading on file is
faster then traversing directories


  There seems to be some hangup with mail between machproductions and
lug.org.uk... lug.org.uk is not getting my machprod email, but I have
just found that it is not sending to machprod either :(
  Thanks to Martin for his help.

>> On a related theme:
>> What utilities do people use for their backups?
>> See ya later,
>> Cheers,
>> Martin

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