[Nottingham] Using Linux in the Church Office

Michael Leuty mike at leuty.net
Thu May 17 12:02:26 BST 2007

On 17/05/07, Paul RJ Mellors <paul at paulmellors.net> wrote:
> qemu i think is the way to go with regards to running xp in a virtual
> machine,

Thanks to everyone for your advice (so far) about different ways of
running virtual Windows. The licences would be no problem as we would
simply transfer them from the old machines as we junk them. All
further comments gratefully received.

> I'm not sure about the help, i suspect you'd need to approach the local
> community.  I manage our church's website and they found me by word of
> mouth.

The major problem I anticipate is the Rector saying "what do we do
when you leave?" I suppose my answer has to be that they will have to
find somebody, and if that person isn't (yet) up to speed on Linux
then they can always seek advice from the local friendly neighbourhood

And to be honest my own Linux skills are rudimentary, as you will
discover when I start asking more technical questions shortly.  :-)

Michael Leuty
Nottingham, UK

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