[Nottingham] What happened to my kernel?

Camilo Mesias camilo at mesias.co.uk
Thu May 17 12:55:10 BST 2007


> kernel 2.6.15-28-386
> kernel 2.6.15-28-386 (recovery mode)
> kernel 2.6.15-23-386
> kernel 2.6.15-23-386 (recovery mode)
> (and memory test)
> Sadly trying to click any of them comes up with the
> message:
> root (hd1,0)
> Error 21: selected disk does not exist

It's possible that a partial upgrade has left your grub config in an 
unusable state.

I'd suspect that something to like IDE/SCSI/SATA driver rearrangements 
in the kernel has resulted in a change in the way your disks are 
numbered (I have seen this with recent Fedora test releases).

If you get a grub screen, choose any kernel and press 'e' to edit the 
grub commands. Find something that looks like root (hd1,0) and 
experiment with changing the 1 to a 0 (ie. (hd0,0) - you might have to 
press 'e' again to edit a line, then return or 'b' to boot.

If you find a working combination then edit /etc/grub.conf or 
/boot/menu.lst (should be the same file) to reflect the working (hdx,0).

There may be other problems like moving disk drivers in and out of the 
kernel, and not making an initrd, but they would give different errors 
(you'd boot part way before getting an error).


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