[Nottingham] Re: Meet up at my internet cafe

Benjamin McLaughlin benjaminbunnyrabbit at hotmail.com
Thu May 31 04:25:02 BST 2007

Thanks to those who have replied to my email. Those who have not (or do not 
intend to be bothered) are still more than welcome to turn up on the night.
Just a quick note on what needs to be done on the system. Also a few wish 
list things that I am not sure about the viability of.

Edubuntu is already installed on the machine. Its a quick one I tell ya.

The PCI network card I put into it is not found though, which I thought was 
weird. Can't seem to get it to find it.
Its this card. http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/104381
A realtec should be found my default surely shouldnt it?

Its on this board

Anyway, back to what I need;

1. One Username for all patrons which is automatically logged into.
2. Users can access local storage devices, sound, USB.
3. Print queuer. They print it on their client. I OK it on my client (on my 
desk). (Stops them printing accidentally or just taking the mick)
4. Complete security lockdown, don't let them kill the system. (Remove all 
menus they should not need)
5. Complete edubuntu debranding. Just to make it look more professional.
6. Make it easier to use. (And better looking) Not used linux too much so I 
am not sure what alternative menu systems are out there but the gnome 
standard one looks a bit pants.

If any of these are quick jobs that you reckon I should be able to do myself 
then just let me know.


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