[Nottingham] FLASH vs HDD

Camilo Mesias camilo at mesias.co.uk
Thu Nov 1 11:10:33 GMT 2007


> Yeah, you'd think so wouldn't  you? However, the many flash devices we use in
> production generally have buggy drivers (e.g. TrueFFS on DiskOnChip2000
> devices). The best way to use flash devices is use them for your readonly
> filesystems and mount variable partitions e.g. /var, /tmp, etc. as ramdrives.

That's interesting, I've never used DOC (mainly use 1Gb Compact
Flash). In theory you could use the CF as a true flash device because
they support erase and write-without-erase commands (can you erase DOC
sectors?). I don't think this has ever been exposed as a mtd device in
linux though, it's just a plain block device. I think the erase
features were designed to allow cameras to write faster but haven't
heard of anyone actually using them.


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