[Nottingham] Hoover cooling

Alex Herington alex at fnet.nu
Tue Nov 20 10:01:16 GMT 2007

Graeme Fowler wrote:
> My home server's CPU suddenly started heating up dramatically last
> Friday, spending long periods above 60 degrees with all the throttling
> that ensues when that happens. Yes, it's a nasty overclocked P4, but
> still - it's in a really decent case (Antec P180), it has three 120mm
> fans to keep things cool, and the CPU has a Zalman P4 Flower cooler..
> Something was definitely Not Quite Right.

Ooh.. I have the same Zalman cooler in a server at home... which I 
haven't opened up for about 4 years. I should probably check that, eh? O_O!

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