[Nottingham] Linux in 18 MBytes?

James Dobson dob_3001 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 21 11:25:37 GMT 2007


I currently have my NSLU unslug with slugOS, this box
only has 30MB of RAM and an xscale processor. I have
used this box to run jabber, apache, perl, php,
postfix, pop/imap, samba, nfs, rsync, twonky (video
streaming), kissdx (video streaming) and have used it
to encode video using vlc. 

This all sounds impressive but actual use shows that
your perl scripts will run out of memory quickly, as
will php, encoding obviously takes days and you cant
have too many applications on.

Currently I only use this for streaming
video/audio/pictures (kissdx) and samba file sharing. 

James D

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