[Nottingham] (MULTI)- Linux in 18MB & Linux laptop (Martin & Martin)

Jim Moore james at the-computer-shop.co.uk
Wed Nov 21 12:56:15 GMT 2007

ok, first question of when - any time after 1830. This is also a good 
time (actually anytime between 1750 and 1830) to park on Castle Road as 
the parking meters don't run after 1800 and people know it, so oyu'll 
probably find yourself in a queue with the evening classes. Take the 
first spot you see cos you won't get a second chance.

Second question of a laptop for Linux - I have available to me, Dell 
C400 Latitude subnotes, which come armed with a 1.0 PIIIm 512MB RAM, 
40GB HDD and external DVD reader*, guaranteed one hour battery life, 
12.1" XGA screens and total 3.5lb weight (that's shy of a kilo and a 
half). Lead time of immediately (got one in and ready to rock and roll). 
I'll even throw in an Intel Pro2100b PCMCIA card which I know works on 
Knoppix. £275 cash, or near offer, and it's yours.
 Demo available to anyone who wants to see how far these puppies can be 

*Can be a bit tricky to set up anything without one of these, but since 
the notebook is less than an inch thick closed, there isn't room for an 
optical drive internally. I have a quick-n-dirty way to getting Linux 
running on pretty much anything with a Pentium x86 instruction set but 
it limits the distribution choices somewhat between Knoppix and 



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