[Nottingham] LVM - some more questions, please

Edward rennackered at netscape.net
Sun Nov 25 14:10:32 GMT 2007

I realize I am a bit late to the (LVM) party, but the occasion has 
arisen to build a file server to pull archived data off the main server, 
yet have it available. And what I have to work with is a Dell box with 
twin 80GB sata drives + a third for a spare, a copy of Debian Lenny and 
an interest in LVM. What I hope to do is to make 2 partitions: 'boot' 
(for lack of a better word) and 'data' on each drive. Install Debian in 
a Raid1 MD arrangement on the first ext3 partition and all the data 
(including bits of the OS if prudent) on the second.

I think I can install LVM as the filesystem on my data partition and any 
changes, additions of partitions/folders or even moving to larger drives 
in the future would be handled there with boot remaining mostly 
unchanged and using GRUB to handle booting when swapping drives into and 
out of the mirror (the swapped drive becoming a stored backup? I never 
anticipate failures!). Wadda ya think?

My questions come from:

   1. What is the best way to handle the swap and the other OS
      partitions like var, usr, home and, of course, data in this scenario?
   2. And am I right in thinking this is a viable setup?
   3. As a start I set up a boot partition on one drive and everything
      else into an LVM partition and installed Lenny, it all works
      great, only a test on one drive so... so far so good!


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